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Pin Trinket Pot

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This handmade concrete pot can be used as a store pot for your small trinkets, earrings, rings, pins etc.


You can also store small stationery pin sand keep it on your study or office desk if you are a lover of natural concrete material.


It is multi versatile so it can also be used as a candle pot. Pour in your candle wax into these little pots and add highlights to your interior spaces.


Each piece is hand crafted and hand poured, sanded and sealed in our studio and it comes with surface base protection underneath.


Air bubbles are normal due to the nature of the material.

Each and every piece is unique in terms of patterns and colors.

Every piece may slightly vary in looks as they are all hand made one at a time.


Air bubbles, difference in color or patterns as per images will not be considered as defected or faulty product and are not eligible for return or damage.


Product will come in a marbled wavy colored pattern as shown in the images.


Materials: Hand cast Concrete

Sealed: Lacquer


Care Instructions:

  • Clean with damp or dry cloth. Avoid using soap.
  • Wipe off strong contaminants like coffee or juice as soon as possible to avoid staining.
  • Avoid harsh chemical cleaners.
  • Please do not push into Microwave or dishwashers.

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