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2632 Plastic Bottles with 3 Nozzel for Sauce, Mayonnaise, Chocolate Syrup (Pack of 2Pc)

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Kitchen Storage Plastic 3 Nozzle Squeeze Ketchup Bottle – 360 ml

The high-quality soft material can maintain its shape after repeated squeezing. The compact size makes it easy to carry and use. Please rinse with cold water for a long time after use. The squeeze bottle is made of high-quality materials, has an easy-to-cut nozzle, and has a tight top, which can be easily tightened but will not pop out. Good flexibility makes the sauce easy to squeeze. The 3-hole design and good sealing ability can prevent unnecessary overflow and leakage, helping you avoid unpleasant cooking accidents, and don’t have to worry about being packed with honey or ketchup. The different colors can help you easily distinguish the sauce without opening the bottle cap. You can also put a note on the bottle and write the name of the seasoning to store mustard, salad dressing, olive oil or other kitchen condiments . These reusable condiment squeezers are very suitable for holding honey, barbecue sauce, olive oil, ketchup, mustard sauce, salad dressing and mayonnaise, etc. They are very suitable for cooking delicious food, very suitable for picnics, barbecues and family gatherings.

High Quality: This squeeze bottle is made of high-quality materials to ensure quality, sealed, high temperature resistance, waterproof and light weight, a food-safe material that will not bring toxins or plastic flavors to your food.

Three-hole design: The unique three-hole sauce spout is more convenient to use. The transparent squeeze bottle allows you to better control the distribution of ketchup, mustard, salad dressing, etc., to prevent overflow and keep the content fresh.

Easy to use: The small flow outlet makes it easy to control the liquid flow, durable and easy to clean. With the easy-to-detach nozzle and solid top, it can be easily unscrewed without falling off.

Kitchen Helper: It can be used as a dispenser for seasoning, oil, vinegar, ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise, very suitable for serving sauces, oil, vinegar, ketchup, mustard, salad dressing, barbecue sauce, etc.

PE material
Made of food-grade PE material
hygienic, safe and healthy
You decide the flow—light or heavy.
Just cut the right size hole for optimum flow of thick or thin liquids, and you’ll be streaming out your homemade vinaigrette or dolloping out ketchup in no time.

Weight 306 g

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