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2534 Matka Shape Jar with Rust Proof Air Tight Lid (1000ml)

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?? Kitchen Storage Rust Proof, Air Tight Lid 6 pieces Matka Shape Transparent Container/Jar -400 ml ?? 

Matka Shape Jars are perfect storing your frequently used product on your counter. The durable design allows for the accidental bumps of everyday life. Counter storage is not only convenient but also a gorgeous new kitchen trend. 

A great place to store oats, spices, sugar, pulses, or dry fruits! You can also store pizza sauce, salsa,broth, and maple syrup in the jars too!

?? Airtight Glass Jars
The leak-proof metal lid keeps air and excessive moisture out, extending the life and freshness of food.

?? Dishwasher Safe
Microwave, Fridge safe. Can be used to serve beverages – shakes/juices etc storing food items such as honey, jams, pickles, chocolates

?? Best Storage Capacity
A great kitchen Jar to store oats, spices, sugar, pulses, nuts, beans or dry fruits! You can also store pizza sauce, salsa,broth, and maple syrup.
Storage spice and food long time fresh and clean, dust free and anti-bug for store in 400 ml

?? Features
?? wide mouth jar is perfect for filling with large fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, green tomatoes, and peaches. The fermentation jar’s wide mouth allows for easy accessibility to reaching deep inside and cleaning.
?? Matka shape glass jar for storage, Pickle jar, Spice jar Avoid use of plastic, use only Glass bottle for health and safety reasons.
?? Suitable To Use Multipurpose Storage With Airtight Cap, This Jar Can Also Use In Microwave Oven. Food Grade Jar and Cap Both, Very Useful To Replace Your Plastic Masala Jars
?? The perfect food storage container option for most food stuff such as cookies, candies, pretzels, snacks, even coffee, beans, flour, sugar. food will be kept fresh and mites free.

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