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2424 Cookie Cutter with Shape Heart Round Star and Flower (4 Pack)

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?? Plastic Cutlet Mould 4 pieces ??

Cutlet Plastic Mould Big 4 pcs is made up of high-grade plastic making it safe to use. The mould is well cut and the shape is finished properly. The product is simpler to use and store. The quality of the product is supreme. The moulds are a 4 pieces set, each in different shapes. A set of versatile moulds that are easy to clean and can be put to many uses, you can use it for cutlets, chips or simply shaping the dough. A perfectly healthy option to get a little creative with your food.


?? How to Use ??

Clean the mould before use. Grease the mould with butter or oil Now, take a small portion of dough/sweet and shape it like a small circle. Take the circular portion and place it in the mould such that it fits perfectly and press it firmly. Now, cut out the extras and take out the shaped result carefully. Clean it after use.

Weight 145 g

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