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2369 Manual Fruit & Vegetable Juicer with Steel Handle Fruit Juicer

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?? Manual Fruit Vegetable Juicer ?? 

?? Fruits and Vegetables Juicer

The Manual juicer efficiently extracts the nutrients from the pulp of fruits and fibre of vegetables and serves you the elixir of nourishment. Drink fruit and vegetable juices daily with the help of the Ganesh juicer and watch your health glow with youth and vitality!

?? Prepare Fresh Juices for Breakfast Every Day

If you like to relish fresh juices for morning breakfast, then take a look at the Manual Plastic Fruit and Vegetable Juicer. Its unique design and filtration function ensures maximum extracts of juice from all types of fruits and vegetables. This juicer clamps to any smooth surface and provides you instant access to juice

?? Removes pulp and seeds effortlessly

The juicer removes the pulp and seeds from fruits and vegetables effortlessly. Now enjoy your drink without the nasty feeling of a seed or pulp being stuck in your mouth. The grinder delivers a texture-free juice that is pleasant to drink

?? Delivers nutrient rich juice

The juicer delivers juice that is rich in nutrients. It revitalizes your health with the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals

?? Features

?? Strong Suction Base. There might be slight variation in the actual color of the product due to different
?? Use Anywhere, portable, manual and extremely easy to use and clean
?? Its compact form makes it easy to store, pack & carry for outings & picnics. Good to extract juice out of orange, pineapple, grapes, sweet lime, water melon, pomegranate, palak, tomato etc
?? Easy to store, pack & carry for outings & picnics , portable, manual and extremely easy to use and clean
?? Multi-Purpose ,Fastest, safest and easiest way to extract fruits, vegetables juices

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