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1558 Heavy Duty Steel Silicon Sealant Caulking Gun

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Heavy Duty Steel Silicon Sealant Caulking Gun

Tools Silicon caulking gun is an extremely useful tool when applying sealant as it will enable an accurate application when filling gaps and sealing joints to provide a watertight strong bond 

Practical tool for Project

The Heavy Duty Steel Silicon Sealant Caulking gun will help you fill gaps and seal them once again. The gun is suitable for a variety of sealing materials such as silicone, acrylic or hot glue and can be used with all standard cartridges.

Wide Application

The Heavy Duty Steel Silicon Sealant Caulking gun is applicable to all types of laminated construction industry, home decoration and repairs and adhesive construction industry for any and all of your projects.

Robust Design

The rotating swivel handle of the caulk gun is ergonomically designed to reach tight corners and to feel comfortable in the hand while applying sealants in tricky areas.

Durable Range

Our extensive range of products includes many other tools and home improvement products as well as useful products in the Home & Living division. Have a look! .The caulking gun is made of Heavy Duty Steel and casting steel for extra durability. The surface offers a comfortable grip

To use the gun

1. Press the release trigger at the back of the gun and pull the plunger back 

2. Place the cartridge into the gun pointing the nozzle towards the front of the gun. 

3. Push the plunger back into place. 

4. Cut a hole in the tip of the tube to allow the sealant to feed through. 

5. Hold the gun along the gap at a 45 degree angle and squeeze the trigger to begin sealing.

Package Contents– 1 x  Heavy Duty Steel Silicon Sealant Caulking Gun

Weight 624 g

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