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1417 Beard Apron Hair Clippings Catcher Grooming Bib

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?? Men Shaving & Trimming Beard Apron Hair Clippings Catcher Grooming Bib Non Stick Hair Beard Cape Cloth Waterproof with 2 Suction Cups
Beard Bib Features the Latest Design, Pretty Practical Beard & Hair Catcher, Making Facial Grooming is No Longer a Very Messy, and Saving Your Time.

?? How to Use the Beard Bib
Step 1: Attach the neck straps around your neck and secure the suction cups to the mirror.

Step 2: Begin with your normal shaving routine. Trim your beard mess-free as the bib will help you clean up in seconds.

Step 3: Need to take a quick break while shaving? No worries! Just detach the strap, attach the rings to the suction cup and walk away.

Step 4: Dispose of the waste in the bin by gently shaking the bib. The bib just acts like a salon cape that will allow for easy disposal.

?? Strong Suction Cups (2 Pices)
Before you whip out your razor or clippers make sure your beard apron is suctioned properly to the mirror.
When going for a full facial deforestation, the last thing you want is a shower of hair all over the bathroom.
Beauty Suction cups are extremely strong and will stay securely in place.
Once you finish your shave, simply unhook the suction cups using the tabs.

?? With Fun without the Mess
Have fun shaping your beard the way you like it without thinking of cleaning afterwards.
Just stick our vacuum suction cups on your mirror and watch your hair collect on the beard catcher / apron for easy disposal.
Don’t let Mother Nature decide on your beard shape.

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