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1301 2In1 Head Massager Hairbrush For Treatment of Hair

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Vibrating Hair Brush Comb Massager 


Make scalp massages to eliminate hair cuticle frizz, help relieve aches and stress. 

Designed for use easily & conveniently Operates on 2 AA batteries, not supplied. 

The therapy plus brush has two levels of vibration. Choose setting according to your preference. 

The soothing vibration of the therapy plus brush, is kind to hair and scalp, use for two minutes daily. 

Great styling brush, can be used on wet or dry hair, adds volume to your haired reduces hair breakages. 


1.Long lasting nature 

2.Seamless finish 

3.Sturdy construction. 

4.Increased Blood circulation. 

5.The therapy plus body and scalp. 

6. Vibration action of the massage brush. 

7.Use the back as a massage for the the rest of the body. 

8.Great styling brush and entangle, reduce hair breakages.

9.Comfortable massage strength.


Increased blood circulation helps remove toxins and micro pollutants from the hair cell matrix.(A must for those with thinning hair).

Use the back as a massage forth rest of the body. Relaxes sore and tense neck and shoulders relieving stress. Invigorates the scalp.

Great styling brush and entangle, can be use on wet or dry hair, adds volume to your hair and reduces hair breakages.

Use two minutes daily to increase blood circulation to the scalp maximizing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle.


Color: Black

Material: Fiber

Item Type: Comb

Model Number: Vibrating Hair Comb Massager

Style: Head Massager

Use: Body, Head

Tips: Relax bale, Massager

Pattern: Hair Brush Head Massager

Weight 151 g