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0874 Rechargeable Camping Lantern LED Solar Emergency Light Bulb

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Travel Camping Lantern – Lantern LED Solar Emergency Light Bulb

Travel Camping Lantern – Rechargeable Camping Lantern LED Solar Emergency Light Bulb

LED Solar Emergency Light Bulb-Your nature-friendly buddy
This smart, nature-friendly emergency lantern from Generic is the latest gadget to grab your attention. Equipped with stainless steel foldable handles, it makes it your ultimate travel companion as you can carry it anywhere without much effort. Solar panels ensure easy and environmental friendly recharging options while the USB port enables convenient charging facilities for your mobiles.

User-friendly design ensures portability
The solar lamp is equipped with stainless steel foldable handles which make it very convenient to carry outdoors. Also, stainless steel offer more resilience and durability.

Transparent lamp shade
The lamp shade is made of a highly transparent material which ensures maximum light emittance through the device.

Smart charge indicator
This solar lantern has lights which display the charging status. It glows when charging commences to help the user keep track of the charging status.

Emergency mobile charger
This smart emergency lantern is versatile enough to act as a mobile charger in case of emergencies. The solar lantern has a USB port for charging mobiles up to 250 mAh.

Weight 278 g