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0754 Dumbbell Water Bottle Gym Water Bottle Use For School , Gym , Office Use (750 ml)

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  • The drying rack is made of ABS and stainless steel high carbon steel tubes and is available in a variety of colors, pink, blue and brown. Size: 35×38-55cm
  • The gusset plate can be disassembled and installed at will, and the folding telescopic belt buckle board clothes rack is not installed. Free installation and hanging, save time and effort, want to dry in the sun, meet the drying needs
  • Free stretching, the length is up to you, and you can place more after stretching. Adjust the length and buckle the small hook to prevent slipping.
  • Can be folded at will, convenient for storage when not in use, saving space
  • Multi-purpose: drying clothes, drying shoes, drying towels, drying socks, potted plants for sunlight; multiple scenes: balconies, radiators, windows, guardrails, etc. can be used.

Product description

Bold hooks, bold design is more durable, strong weight bearing, not easy to damage.
The letter position can adjust the hook according to the thickness of the wall with reference to the letter position.
Bold steel pipe, bold and enhanced super load-bearing, safe to use, durable.
The handle is non-slip, and the bottom of the handle is non-slip to prevent slippage and rest assured.

Product parameters:
Name: Clothes hanger
Color: pink, blue, brown
Material: ABS + stainless steel high carbon steel pipe
Specification: 35×38-55cm
Use function: balcony, radiator, window, guardrail, etc. can be used.
Packing list: 1x balcony rack

Instructions for use:
1. Adjust the length you want.
2. Buckle the small hook to prevent it from sliding back and forth.
3. Press and hold the button to adjust the hook position on both sides.
4. The position of the hook is the same as the modulation on both sides of the letter ruler.
5. If placing small objects, install a gusset.
6. Adjust the hook distance and click it.

Manual measurement has 1-2cm error, does not affect the use, please prevail in kind
Due to different monitors, there may be less than chromatic aberration, but it does not affect the use.

Weight 469 g

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